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Hair nourishing and recovery products

Our collection of products for hair nourishing and recovery consists of the NERILEX Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Lotion, SULFA-PLUS Shampoo Against Dandruff, SULFA-PLUS Shampoo for Greasy Hair and QUIT Anti Parasite Shampoo against head lice and nits.

Thanks to the effective and verified formulas that are continuously improved and modernized, our hair nourishing and recovery products are very well accepted by our customers and have been present in the market for a long time now. Our hair shampoos and lotion contain active ingredients that have positive effect on scalp, giving the visible positive effects after a very short time. The shampoo mild formulas and pH value optimized to skin (pH=5.5) enable frequent usage in a long term. If applied regularly, hair regains its natural glow, healthy looks, flexibility and volume.